Policy & Procedure Creation


Should Point Employees to Strategic Value

Ever notice that the owner's manual in the glove compartment of your car tells you how to operate the vehicle; but does not explain how to build a car from scratch?  So why do so many procurement groups hand out instructions to every company employee on how to build a car?

Helpful Procurement Policies & Procedures should lead employees (procurement and internal customer personnel) through ethical and compliant pathways which generate strategic value.  

Do your firm's policies & procedures do that?  Or are they difficult to understand? Micro-level and tactical process instructions rather than visionary guidelines?

Strategic Procurement Solutions helps our clients to create or refine policies and procedures which explain the 'Why' as well as instruct employees in the 'How'. 

We often create user-friendly and simple procedural guidelines for the procurement team's internal customers to follow in requesting products and services.  

Then more-comprehensive proceures are designed just for the procurement professionals who perform actual sourcing, contracting, and transactional purchasing work.