Cost Reduction Services

Top Quality Strategic Sourcing Services


During his last two years in a corporate procurement leadership role, our founder's area of responsibility saved a Quartern Billion Dollars USD for Bank of America.  

Today, Strategic Procurement Solutions can perform strategic sourcing projects for your defined categories of expenditure.  

These project can either be compensated for fixed fees or, for certain commodity categories, be contingent upon a portion of achieved savings.

Consortium Purchase Leverage


Often without cost to our client, Strategic Procurement Solutions can help qualified companies and governmental groups join one of the top Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) groups operating in the world.

The trick to consortium leveraging is twofold: (i) choosing the right consortium that matches your spending and organizational parameters, and (ii) convincing a top GPO you will add leverage to them as a member.  

The old expression is that "It's not what you know it's who you know".  Strategic Procurement Solutions has insights and industry contacts which help our clients bypass the many GPO's that want only to have you outsource your transactions to them for a fee (while they collect rebates from their cherry-picked vendors).

Our company leaders can help introduce our clients to the best consortium with superior supplier relationships for your needs (whether private or public sector).  Our recommended solutions provide outstanding assistance to their members in onboarding with portfolio suppliers, but don't want you to outsource your procurement team.  That's a win-win.

Expert Negotiation Facilitation Services


Have one of our expert procurement leaders guide your team of business leaders through a complex negotiation process with targeted supplier(s).

"I had the pleasure of working with Mark Trowbridge with Strategic Procurement Solutions, LLC.  He was a tremendous asset to our team.  He was there for the entire process and worked on any problems that arose.  He was very professional in all aspects during the negotiation process.  He innovatively drafted and updated all necessary contract documents; kept our team on track, and would change his approach and tact contingent on the outcome of every negotiation meeting.  We were extremely successful with the assistance of Mark in achieving our goal and signing a great contract.  With his expertise and advice, he saved (Governmental Group) a significant amount of money.  Mark Trowbridge is extremely hard working and a tenacious negotiator.  I highly recommend the services of Strategic Procurement Solutions as a unique talent set that was invaluable to us."  Chief Procurement Officer (Governmental Organization, US State)