RFx & Contract Template Creation

Finding the Right Balance in RFx & Agreement Documents


A strong 'strategic sourcing' organization must do contracting well.  To do that, a proper balance must be established between protections (legal/risk) and commercial terms.  

Which of the Following is More-Protective?


Is is better to have one broad indemnification clause in a contract?  Or better to have 20 separate indemnity statements in a much-longer contract?  The answer may be surprising.  

Gain Advantage with Sourcing & Contract Content


Strategic Procurement Solutions has worked with hundreds of corporate and govenmental agency clients to tailor language and formats which provide strong risk protection while getting deals done quickly. 

Template Library Creation


In business-friendly formats, we can use our extensive clause libraries to create sourcing and contract documents for review by your attorneys and leadership.  

Template agreements (and associated fallback clause libraries) which we've created include:

  • Purchase Order Terms
  • Direct Material Purchasing Agreement
  • Volume Purchase Agreement (Non Capital)
  • Equipment Purchasing Agreement
  • Equipment Purchase & Maintenance Agreement
  • Equipment Maintenance Agreement
  • Rental Agreement
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Agreement
  • SW License & Maintenance Agreeement
  • General Services Agreeement
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement (Light)
  • Training Services Agreement
  • General Services Agreement
  • Design/Build Agreement
  • Construction Services Agreement
  • Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (MNDA)
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Customer Sales Agreement
  • Referral Alliance Agreement

Themes in Our Documents


Sourcing documents and contractual templates should be strategic tools in the overall procurement process.  We help clients to optimize their template portfolios and contracting practices to achieve better risk protection while shortening contract cycles.  

Themes in our documents include...

  • Business English rather than Legaleze
  • Concise vs. Long
  • 'Rule of Ten' Number References
  • Modular Exhibits
  • Standard General Conditions Across all Agreements
  • Tailored Special Conditions Matching Industry Standards
  • Standard Branding and Format for All Documents
  • Tailored RFx and Contract Documents to Eliminate Re-Creation
  • Fallback Clauses for Points of Escalation
  • Pre-Approval by Legal Counsel of Legal Language
  • Formatted for Incorporation with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Technology Tools

What We Do - And Don't Do


Strategic Procurement Solutions will work with your assigned Procurement, Legal, and Risk experts to review and improve procurement documents (RFI, RFQ, RFP, Contracts, Amendments, SOWs, etc.).  We help to prepare draft versions for your attorneys and management to review, modify, and review.  

We are not attorneys, just business people with long experience in procurement with hundreds of clause examples to which we can refer.  All documents can be drafted to harmonize defined terms and maintain synergy with the total library of templates.  Final document decisions and wording are our client's sole decision according to their own legal counsel.

Note - We've been hired for template clause creation or optimization projects by procurement groups AND directly by general counsel organizations.