Contingency Recruiting - Finding the Best Candidate


The Platypus

Finding the right procurement professional is harder than selecting other types of employees...because education and industry experience are merely the first steps.  

But finding the best procurement talent is complicated by what spend categories they've sourced or managed in the past.  You just don't want a person with an MBA and twelve years of sourcing in your industry, if that sourcing experience was for office supplies and you need an expert in electro-mechanical components.

It's really like finding a mammal with a duck bill, webbed feed, and a webbed tail...which lays eggs.  

It's Not What You Know...It's Who You Know

No words apply more to finding the right procurement talent.   Strategic Procurement Solutions has 13,000+ procurement, contracting, and supply chain professionals in our network, built over 20+ years.  Let us introduce you to some great candidates.

No Cost Unless We Find You the Right Person

We work with your Human Resources organization in a contingency search mode.  This means that we are not paid, unless we find the successful candidate that you actually hire.  And all our placements come with a tiered guarantee of ongoing employment.

Candidate Screening Only Done by Procurement Professionals

All candidates for your roles are interviewed by one of Strategic Procurement Solutions' experienced supply management professionals.  We shoot 97% of initial candidates out of the saddle.

While an HR recruiter or a temp agency might ask the candidate for a Contract Manager role, "Have you ever negotiated a contract?"...SPS might pose questions like, "What is a Force Majeure Clause?" or "Can you describe five key elements a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contract should contain?"

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