Training Workshops At Your Location

Bring great training to your Procurement staff members!  Give your team new tools and techniques that can escalate their performance.

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent training programs presented to Apple’s supply-chain leaders. I am pleased to report that the training program exceeded expectations in both our production and non-production functions. The sixty-five procurement professionals who participated in the training program significantly sharpened their skills. The pre and post examinations reflected a 42% mean increase in proficiency. Perhaps even more importantly, the student surveys reflected a near perfect approval rating on both the instructive and interactive sessions.”  Vice President of Corporate Procurement, Apple.

For a very reasonable cost, one of Strategic Procurement Solutions' experienced professionals will come to your location to present one of our masterclasses.

Onsite delivery can be made at your organization's offices or (popular for regional and global meetings) at an event hotel of your choosing.

It is surprisingly cost-effective to bring one instructor to your site; rather than paying to send many employees to offsite training. 

Contact us for information about any of the following training workshops... 


Strategic Procurement Management Training (3 Days)

This foundational workshop teaches 'best practices' across the entire Procure-to-Payment (P2P) process.  Helps participants move from tactical to strategic in everything they do.  Watch the excitement grow in new and not-so-new supply management practitioners.

Expert Strategic Sourcing (3 Days)

The practice of Strategic Sourcing is a six-phase cycle that will extract optimal value from every spend category and procurement action.  Teach your team innovative ways to build internal customer relationships, leverage marketplaces, and create winning long-term supplier relationships.

Procurement Category Management - Putting 'Strategic' Back Into 'Sourcing' (2 Days)

Has your team "Sourced" key expenditures several times over?  Will be just bidding it out again be what Albert Einstein called, "The definition of insanity"? (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result).  This workshop teaches top procurement leaders how to use six categories of other methods to extract superior value from a 'category' of expenditure.  

Advanced Procurement Negotiations - The Negotiator Challenge (2 Days)

This interactive MasterClass re-affirms 'best practices' in the field of negotiations for the procurement professional.  Each day incorporates learned techniques for planning, staging, and executing a winning negotiation into a 'real world' team role-playing exercise (2 to 3 hours long) that optimizes TCO, performance, and risk attributes.

Strategic Contracting (2 Days)

This workshop teaches supplier chain leaders important principles on drafting, negotiating, executing, and managing portfolios of top-performing contracts.  Methods to improve portfolio performance while gaining more value, while reducing risk, are explored with our expert instructors.  And we make contracting interesting and fun!


Innovative Trends in Technology Contracting (2 Days)

Learn innovative techniques and language for contracts for the complex world of Information Technology, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), SW Licensing, HW Purchase or Lease, Technical Services, Outsourcing, Maintenance Services, Telecommunications, etc.  

Supplier Performance Management (2 Days)

Too often, sourcing groups fail to receive originally 'sourced' value and savings from key suppliers.  This workshop teaches procurement and operations leaders ways to capture the most value and reduce overall TCO in managing important provider relationships.

Best Practices in Inventory Management (2 Days)

For procurement and materials management professionals, this workshop teaches key practices related to the storage, management, and movement of inventoried components, parts, supplies, and materials.  These principles are important for every procurement professional to know, whether related to their own organization's or contracted suppliers' management of materials.

Outstanding Customer Service for Procurement Professionals (1 Day)

Without strong relationships with internal customers, procurement teams cannot impact key spend segments.  This workshop teaches methods to both create and expand key stakeholder relationships.