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"Proper Supplier Insurance...Mitigating Contractual Risk"

This article was written by one of our firm's founders on the topic of Enterprise Risk Management and the contracts we negotiate with suppliers.  Click below to view the article.

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"5 Techniques to Manage Supply Chain Risk"

This article was written by SPS founder Mark Trowbridge for the 2017 Edition of Supply Chain Management Review Magazine.  Although only the magazine's subscribers can usually view their content, Strategic Procurement Solutions visitors can view it on the SCMR website by clicking the link below.  

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"Swamps, Alligators & MRO - Techniques for a Complex Spend Category"

This article was written by Mark Trowbridge for Materials Handling Magazine.  Click below to view it on the MHM website.

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"Find the Truth in Statistics"

This article appeared in ISM's Inside Supply Management Magazine.  Originally titled, "Lies, Da__ Lies, and Statistics."  Click below to view it on the ISM website.

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"Put it in Writing - Sharpening Contracts to Reduce Risk & Increase Supply"

This article was published in Supply Chain Management Review Magazine.  Click below to view it on their website.

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"Top 10 Reasons to Use Purchase Orders"

This article by one of our founders was read by more than 13,000 visitors to the Strategic Procurement Solutions website.  Click below to read the article.

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Great Supply Chain Books & Websites


Topic - Cost Modeling

Book Recommendation - Supply Chain Cost Modeling - The Ready, Aim, Drive Process for Achieving Remarkable Results, by Jimmy Anklesaria

Few business persons understand cost modeling as well as Jimmy Anklesaria.  This book outlines ways to properly estimate costs; an essential part of negotiations, especially in the procurement of manufactured products.  

Topic - What to Look for in a Consultancy

Book Recommendation - The Trusted Advisor, by David Maister

This book was written by one of the original founders of the Boston Consulting Group and mirrors concepts embraced by Strategic Procurement Solutions in bringing value to every client we serve.  We recommend you read this great book before hiring any consultancy.    Too bad many in today's biggest advisory firms don't seem to have read this one... 

Topic - Negotiation

Book Recommendation - Two books here are 'must reads' in the field of negotiations...

Getting to Yes - Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, by Roger Fisher & William Ury

This book made Fisher and Ury famous, by taking negotiations into a realm of creating winning deals rather than beating others into submission like so many public seminars do. 

Getting Past No - Negotiating in Complex Situations, by William Ury 

This book takes negotiation beyond the usual tactical hardball tactics taught in so many public workshops.  This book illustrates concepts similar to some of the many important ones presented in Strategic Procurement  Solutions negotiation workshops.  

Topic - Strategic Procurement

Book Recommendation - The Purchasing Machine - How the Top Ten Companies Use Best Practices to Manage Their Supply Chains, by David Nelson, Jonathon Stegner

Written by David Nelson (CPO of Honda and Delphi, and CEO of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and his chief Lieutenant Jon Stegner (who hired Strategic Procurement Solutions for a key project at Delphi that saved $15 Million), this is a great book that illustrates how world class companies do procurement.  

Topic - Supply Management

Book Recommendation - The Supply Management Handbook, by Joseph Cavinato

This book has been a classic in clearly describing all aspects of Supply Management and Procurement.  Get the latest edition as a great reference tool regarding cole elements of a successful procurement practice.  

Topic - How Do Business Leaders Behave

Book Recommendation - "Dilbert - The Way of the Weasel", by Scott Adams

Sadly, the business world doesn't always act the way they said it should back in MBA school.  Too often, politics, greed, and stupidity 'sometimes' play a role in how business leaders act.  Scott Adams has figured this out, as he illustrates through the Dilbert cartoons in this fun book.  Take a read...and be surprised at how well Adams characterizes the challenges we sometimes face in the procurement field...  


Topic - Ethics in Business

Book Recommendation - Business by the Book - The Complete Guide of Biblical Principles for Business Men & Women, by Larry Burkett

No matter your religious background, this helpful book provides powerful principles for ways procurement leaders can act in an ethical manner and earn the respect of their colleagues in business.  

Topic - Procurement Best Practices

Book Recommendation -  The Procurement and Supply Manager's Desk Reference, by Fred Sollish & John Semanik

We can't quibble with these guys, since John Semanik (when CEO of ISM Silicon Valley) wrote, "Bob Dunn and Mark Trowbridge of Strategic Procurement Solutions are the premiere experts on procurement in the world!  Our chapter endorses them 100% of the time".  Seriously, Fred and John have written the second edition of a great book on core elements of procurement.  

Topic - Good Business

Book Recommendation - What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School - Notes from a Street Smart Executive, by Mark McCormack

This is a classic book that teaches great principles for being in business (including the business of procurement).  A great read with important concepts for today's supply management professionals...

Topic - How to Improve Organizational Performance

Book Recommendation - From Good to Great - Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't, by Jim Collins

This classic book became a bestseller with over 10 Million copies sold, due to the important principles illustrated in its accounts from world class companies.  Highly interesting, and a great motivator for today's procurement leaders as you build a top-performing supply management team.  

Topic - Top Emerging Practices in Procurement

Subscription Recommendation - SpendMatters.com  

In our opinion, this website publishes leading edge articles about emerging trends in the sourcing and procurement world, and rivals the Hackett Group and Forrester Research in its commentaries about Procure-to-Payment technology solutions available in today's marketplace.  Strategic Procurement Solutions co-founder, Mark Trowbridge, often presents webinars hosted by SpendMatters.com  CLICK NOW TO VISIT SPENDMATTERS SUBSCRIPTION PAGE

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